Learn to live by earning and investing in Relationships

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The ideas of earning and investing are equally good for teaching the life lessons:

Earn:  You need to earn the respect of others.

How do you do this?

To understand the term earning, let’s get into the theory which is understood from the money angle.  You earn when you work.  Your work defines you.  It creates your identity.  You can be best or worse.  It depends on your attitude and hard work.  If you want to be the best, then you need to work really hard at times and smarter at other times.  You earn your daily bread when you put definite hours of work every day, every month and every year.

The same goes with learning to earn the respect of others.  You need to show your work to others.  Your work in terms of relationships could be taking out time to spend with the family, going on bike with your kids, resting on Sundays at a children’s park while they play around.  You will earn the respect of your kids and your spouse.  You will also earn the respect of your children’s friends.  Your kid’s teachers will also appreciate your work towards your children.  Yes, it is work at times.  You have to work your way to create truly defining relationships.


Investing in relationships is as important as investing in good stocks and mutual fund schemes.  You need to be a consistent investor.  Invest daily in small quantities but invest regularly.   We invest in mutual fund schemes regularly and one day, we get bewildered by the huge corpus of wealth that we create.  But before the amazing returns arrive, there are many ups and downs.  Similarly, if you take your time out to invest daily 25-30 minutes of your time to spend with your family, that would be more than enough.  Now, these 25-30 minutes with them should be totally dedicated and devoted to them.  Quality time.  Take dinner with them.  Pray together in the morning or thank god together before going to bed at night.  Investing regularly not only will keep you in the heart of your family and friends but it will also nurture and deepen your relationships.  You will survive the tectonic movements and the stormy weather in your relationships with your boss and spouse.  You wouldn’t be required to give explanations for arriving home late occasionally.  You will be understood and your many responsibilities will be shared by the others because they do understand you and know that you are honest and sincere to them.

But, the reality bites.  Just like we want to earn superb returns on our investments, we expect the same to happen in our relationships.  Having spent a decade in a relationship with my wife and more than three decades with my parents, I am now realizing how different types of relationships move.  They all move at their own pace.

People are the real wealth.  They are your real assets.  Sean Covey in fact has one of his habits mentioned in his bestselling book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” named as “Relationships Bank Account”  People who want to get ahead in building wealth should invest in people.  The kind of people who you sit with, spend time with and share your months with are the real stocks of your life.  They may go down at times but they will rebound and turn into multibaggers only if you stay invested in them.  Mind it, the kind of people you are investing should have their fundamentals strong like the companies do.  Don’t try technical analysis.  Technical analysis basically looks at the trend and presumes that the past performance will predict the future.  No, it neither happens with the stocks nor with the relationships.  Believe in Value investing and don’t trade.  If you stay this way, you are bound to be wealthy my friend.

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