Financially Literate

On 26th of September, I got an oppurtunity to give a talk on “Financial Literacy”.  In fact, it was not simply a talk but a well planned speech/lecture accompanied by a power point presentation.  The reason why I am saying it was talk is that I did not take the usual stereotype lecture format to deliver it.  I ensured that it was a casual and interactive session which it really turned out to be.

download-1I was stunned by the kind of questions that were raised post talk.  I was asked questions like ” Why stock prices fluctuate?, How to open a FD ?  What is the current interest rate on FD?, Why is JIO providing services for free.  You may be presuming the audience to be well mature or atleast grown-up.  No, they were simple school kids of 8th, 9th and 10th std.  This shows that the generation of tomorrow is very smart and they are learning things very fast.  I was glad to see this.  I hope I can deliver better stuff next time.


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