Earn, Save & Invest

“Earn as much as you can,

Save as much as you can,

Invest as much as You can”

-John Wesley

Money speaks to everyone.  It speaks to you, it speaks to me.  It is one of the integral part of our lives.  We can live without water but not without money.  Money will buy you water.

I started this blog after a long thought process.  Firstly, I am delighted by this amazing technology called internet.  It goes everywhere.  Right into our homes, on our mobiles, laptops transcending boundaries of state, country and geographies. 

Money is a universal theme and relates to all living people on this earth.  No matter where you are, what your currency is, you talk about it all the time.  Rich talk about it, Poor talk about it.  I am lucky to be in the field that connects everyone.  I want to give you and share with you the knowledge and the experience which I have gained over a period of time using or misusing money.  This will not make you rich right away but if you are able to cultivate some good habits on savings and investments front, I bet you will rake in moolahs!   

There are no short-cuts to making money but there are smart moves you can make to earn well and live a better lifestyle.  The purpose of this blog is to make you understand your money in a holistic manner.  We all work very hard to earn our livelihoods.  The income that we generate is not sufficient to fulfill all our needs.  But, at least it should fulfill most of our meaningful needs. This is possible only when we will understand how money works.  What are the systems in place that it goes through.  Money never remains static in your bank account.  It exchanges hands.  Earn, Save and Invest is a triad born out of this philosophy.

The process starts with generating income.  You work on a job or run a business.  You make money as regular salary or gross revenues.  Then, you spend on your expenses and overheads.  What is left is your savings or profits.  These savings when deployed strategically for future income becomes an investment.  

If you are able to do good job with your savings and investments, earnings will follow.



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